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Interlock Paving Stones

A popular choice of paving stones here in the lower mainland is the Old Country Stone or the Holland Paver. Versatility is a key advantage of using Interlock paving stones as an attractive and affordable substitution for poured concrete. They are resilient, and can be laid in a variety of patterns.

Interlock paving stones can be laid effectively in high-traffic areas, driveways, and patios. They can give the appearance of old cobble stone walkways, yet retaining all the functionality of poured concrete. In addition, they will neither crack nor separate if the ground settles or heaves. They can also be easily removed and re-laid years from now should you decide to change your landscape in any way.

granit-interlock_thumb.jpg old-country-stone-with-a-runner-bond-border_thumb.jpg old-country-in-a-curved-walkway_thumb.jpg interlock-stone-and-tung-and-groove-fence_thumb.jpg basalt-risers-and-old-country-interlock-paving-stones_thumb.jpg