Emerald Coast creates natural works of art

Basalt Dry-Stack Retaining Walls

Basalt Dry-Stack retaining walls and raised garden beds are a signature piece for Emerald Coast Landscaping. Our reputation for this is well known throughout the lower-mainland. Basalt is a locally produced material quarried in Squamish, BC, which we can get from quarry to client in two hours. Perhaps this is why this attractive - indigenous rock is so popular in the lower-mainland; it truly does look natural and at home in this environment.

As a design preference for patio areas, basalt wall stone and Bluestone flagstone have a perfect contrast of colours, and are often used together. Emerald Coast has installed basalt walls on a variety of scales. Some have simply been utilized as a border to give separation to garden areas while others have required extensive engineering and delicate crane work. Basalt Dry Stack walls are built using eons old techniques. The evidence of their longevity can be seen all over Europe and the world. These walls will be standing proud long after the civilization that built them.